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What Happens After a House Fire?

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What Happens After a House Fire?

by obramuro February 26, 2016

house fireThere’s no doubt about it, the idea of a house fire is awful and frightening. From saving your most precious belongings to ensuring all your family members and pets are outside before damage can strike, making it through a house fire is a traumatic experience. But once the flames are extinguished and your family finds a new place to stay temporarily, as the adult it’s your job to deal with the insurance. Since you probably aren’t experienced in house fire insurance situations, here is a general set of guidelines to help you find your way courtesy of Zoecklein Law in Brandon, Fl.

Ask for an Advance

Depending on the extent of your house fire, it’s possible you are left with nothing but the clothes on your back. From toothbrushes and socks to food and sleeping arrangements, you need money to take care of your family. It’s possible to ask your insurance company for an advance against your eventual claim. You can use this money to buy the necessities of survival until your full claim clears.

File Your Claim as Soon as Possible

You have a great deal happening after a house fire, but the sooner you can file your claim, the better. A major claim requires organization, so consider getting a binder and keeping every single piece of evidence, from receipts and email transcripts to pictures all in one place. This way, when your insurance company inevitably needs proof of something, you can provide it without hesitation.

Keep On Top of Your Insurance Company

Sometimes insurance companies need some poking and prodding to handle your claim in a reasonable length of time. For example, you must receive a notice of intentions within a certain timespan depending on your state. If that doesn’t happen, call and ask for an update. Your claims representative is more likely to stay on his toes when he knows you’re keeping tabs.

If your claim starts to become complicated and it seems like your insurance company is trying to deny you benefits, don’t hesitate to contact a fire damage attorney who is experience in this type of situation.


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