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Qualities of a Worthwhile Attorney

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Qualities of a Worthwhile Attorney

by obramuro February 11, 2016

If you are in the market for an attorney, you can’t just draw a name out of a hat and trust that lawyer to handle your case with the time and attention it deserves. Instead, you need to strategically seek out the very best attorney in Tampa to help you move forward with your life. Whether you need help with foreclosure, child custody, or bankruptcy, these qualities are absolutely necessary in any attorney that you choose.



Your lawyer needs to be a lot of different things, and while responsiveness might not be a grade on a report card, it’s critical for your own comfort and mental wellbeing. Your lawyer should respond to not only you but also the court and others involved in the case. He won’t do you much good if he can’t answer paperwork or give you a call back when you need it the most.


Any situation requiring an attorney is probably a complex and difficult one, so your attorney needs to be able to analyze the situation from all angles, especially a criminal defense attorney. He should be able to absorb large amounts of information and organize and understand it on the spot. In court, he must easily interpret the proceedings to adjust his approach and handle any curveballs that come his way.

Presentation Skills

Listening and speaking skills are critical. A lawyer who can’t sit still long enough to listen won’t have the necessary information to handle the case properly. Likewise, a lawyer who struggles to speak in a concise manner won’t possess the communication skills to take charge of a court room or support significant witnesses.

Dedication to Research

If you are paying a lawyer to help you win a court case, he should be the one completing research and investigation tasks, not you. This is vital to beating your opponent using undeniable facts. Any lawyer worth his hourly rate must know how to work with investigators, use online resources, reference laws and regulations, and utilize former judicial rulings.

If you can find an attorney with these qualities, get your retainer money ready!


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