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Our Local Trusted Family Law Firm

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Our Local Trusted Family Law Firm

by obramuro January 3, 2016 Tag ,,

Family law firm or the so called matrimonial law is a section of the law that deals with the domestic relations and other family matters which include: marriage, adoption, child abuse, child custody, child support, divorce and the list is endless and it varies upon jurisdiction. Family law has developed dramatically from previous years as the judges and legislators continue redefining and reexamining legal relationships on the above named.

Sections In The family law firm Divorce – Divorce was very rare in the old days but nowadays it has been made legal. A divorce maybe granted on the grounds of irretrievable marriage relationship breakdown or due to incompatibility.

Child Custody – This is a legal term used to describe practice and legal relationship between a parent and the kids. This include the parents duty to take care of the child and the kids right to make decisions.



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