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More Services We Offer

by obramuro January 3, 2016 Tag

Child Support – Also referred to as child maintenance is a periodic payment which the parent has to make for the financial benefit of the kid following divorce or end of marriage. It’s paid directly or indirectly by them to oblige for support and care of the kids once the marriage is terminated.

Child Abuse – This refers to neglect, physical, emotional or sexual mistreatment of a child. It can be defined as a series of acts of omission by the parent or guardian that cause harm, lead to harm or threatens to harm a child.

Adoption – This is a process in which a parent assumes the owning or parenting of a child from the legal or biological parents. And by doing so, rights and responsibilities are permanently transferred to the new parent or parents.

Marriage – This is also called wedlock or matrimony. It is a socially recognized union or legal contract between the spouses which establishes obligations and rights between them, between them and the children and between them and the in-laws.law


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